Learn to Belly Dance

Discover the beautiful art of Belly Dance, in a fun and supportive environment. Learn the basic roundabout veil1.JPGtechniques, such as the Shimmy, Figure 8s, Hip lifts, isolations and more. You will also discover how to use props including veil, Double veil, cane and Isis wings.

Please note that due to personal circumstances, Charni’s bellydance classes are on hiatus until at least term 2 2018. Email happyhipsbellydance to join the mailing list for details on classes.

In the meantime: check out Charni’s step-by-step bellydance eClasses! You can start your bellydance journey right now!

Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre (Underneath the Leisure Centre)
10 Raymond McMahon Blvd, Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia.
Ph (03) 9700 3789

Beginner Class Tuesdays, 7:30pm to 8:25pm

Learn basic techniques and correct posture for upper body, arms, hips, tummy and steps with movement, with a class on how to use a veil. All moves are broken right down and explained thoroughly. By the end of term you will surprise yourself by being able to do choreographies using the movements learnt during the term!

Intermediate/Advanced Class Tuesdays, 6:30pm to 7:25pm

This class builds on the abilities learnt in beginners with more complex moves, techniques and choreographies. Part of the class is dedicated to fitness with shimmy sequences used to keep the heart rate up in a fun way.

Advanced class Tuesdays, 6:30pm to 7:25pm

This class builds on the abilities learnt in intermediates with more complex moves, techniques and choreographies and props. Focus is on stagecraft, costuming, performance, and presentation (and fun!)

Costs for 2018 – tba

“I’ve enjoybelly_dance_class2ed learning new choreographies and belly dancing styles/props, including your crazy tummy exercises 🙂 Its also good that you include opportunities for us to perform, it does give us a goal to master the choreographies.” – Deborah (Hughesdale)

Besides participating in belly dance classes, you may get the opportunity to perform. Some of the more recent performances include the Whitehorse Spring Festival, Kizmet Bazaar, Casey Multicultural Festival and the Dandenong Show. Having students perform increases self esteem and confidence.

Charni’s all-inclusive policy
Students from all ages and abilities are welcome. Charni has had students with illnesses or disabilities join in on regular evening classes, this has included, down syndrome, anxiety disorders (one student had a lovely companion dog who came to class) depression and self-esteem issues (such as connected to weight). Charni’s welcoming environment, a belief that anyone can learn (some just need a bit more time or a different way of teaching) as well as experience as a Life Coach and masters level of NLP helps students feel safe in learning something new. Lets face it, learning something new can be scary as well as exciting!

Wanting to learn belly dance, but feeling a bit shy? Have a look at our frequently asked questions such as “I’ve never danced before, can I learn?” “Is there an age limit?” and “Is it hard?” plus others. If you still have questions Charni is more than happy to answer them, you can either call on 0416236132 or email happyhipsbellydance.