Muslim party wins Egyptian election

Just to keep you up to date, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammed Mursi (or known as Mohamed Morsi), has won the Egyptian presidential elections it was announced yesterday. We will see how it will affect the future of Egypt and that of Raqs Sharqi in how he goes on the lead the country.

The New Egyptian President of Muslim Brotherhood

Mohammed Mursi is joyous at winning the election

As Muhammed Mursi, PhD, is an educated man (he received a PhD in Engineering from the University of Southern California after a Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from the University of Cairo) will this give him a more democratic outlook? He was an Assistant Professor at California State University for three years until 1985, before moving back to Egypt to teach at the Zagazig University. Will his time in the US give him a world-view in his dealings? He is, however, considered one of the conservative voices within Egypt’s oldest Islamist organisation, so we will see.

Both despair and rejoicing met the news of his election, with celebratory shots being fired in the air, in which 1 person was killed and 6 more injured as a result.