Casey Kids Carnival was fun today!

Today I had the privilege to be a part of the Casey Kids Carnival, which is a yearly event held by the City of Casey Council.

I had to apply like all performers, and based it on my kids party formula; teach the kids some moves, and they learn a bit about belly dance (or Raqs Sharqi) and Egypt at the same time!

Special thanks go to Sally Bowyer for her help today with the Casey Kids Carnival, we showed a gaggle of kids how to shimmy (and played shimmy freeze), they learnt all about the animals of Egypt, and how the river floods (using a veil). They then watched me perform a double veil dance (always interesting on a windy day!).

We enjoyed doing it and had great feedback from the audience and organisers. I then got the spend the rest of the day enjoying what else there was to offer – oh and my kids did too!

I would also like to pass on my congratulations to the organising staff, they were very communicative, informative and on top of all the details every step of the way. The staff on the day was helpful, accommodating and helped me look good!

Charni and Sally (and Jamie) of Happy Hips Belly Dance after performing at the Casey Kids Carnival 2012