Veil Technique: The Envelope and Peekaboo

This is a fun one to do with the veil. It will feel easier after a bit of practice and can be used in a variety of ways. A dancer can enter the stage while in the Envelope before ‘revealing’ herself, and Peekaboo is a hit with the audience.

The Envelope

Start with the veil behind you, with the middle of the veil at the neck and hands in correct veil position.
Bring the hands together until the palms are touching.
Tuck one thumb into the material of the other palm. Let go with the hand that is freed.
Run it along the edge of the veil as you raise your hands above your head (make sure tummy is in and tail is under!).
You are now in the Envelope. In this position, you can do undulations, travelling steps, hip figure 8’s etc.

The Peekaboo

To go into Peekaboo, lower your hands keeping the material tight between them until your eyes are peeking out. Peekaboo! Use your eyes to dance in this bit and connect with the audience
Put your elbow through the gap where the veil meets on one side. The other hand still gripping the edge of the veil goes across and out the gap.
Bring hands up and the veil should be hanging down behind you, folded in half.
Let go of the veil with the thumb, give a flick of the other wrist to untangle it from around the hand sliding it along the edge until it is back where it started, getting fingers back into position. Well done!

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