The Basic Bellydance Stance

One of the first things I teach a brand new student is how to stand. It sounds like it should be a simple thing, which we already do. However, most of us stand in a way, which does not support our backs or engage our tummy muscles. The result is a sore back and saggy belly! I also refer to this as the “Instantly Lose 5 Kilos Diet” – want to give it a try? Here’s how:

Incorrect Stance
Stand with your feet directly under the hip joints (notice I don’t say “hip width apart”, as most women stand with their feet way too wide, because that’s how wide they feel their hips are!).

Then bend your knees. As a side note, but just as important, it should be noted that knees are ALWAYS at least slightly bent when belly dancing. That way they work like ‘shock absorbers’ in the car and make it all look very smooth. Without bent knees the hips can’t move freely.

Then tilt the pelvis so the tailbone tucks under and the pubic bone comes forward. This straightens and protects the lower back. Then your tummy pulls in, once again protecting the lower back.

Slightly raise the ribs and lower the shoulders. And smile! Instant diet! It may feel awkward at first, but it will become easier and easier. You will look more graceful, be able to move easier and you will have a happy back. Use this whenever standing for long periods such as at the checkout, shopping in general, at work or standing at the train or bus stop, and you will find the aches will disappear!

Correct Stance

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