Tabla Choreography (of Taqusim and Tabla)

choreographer unknown, music composer unknown, interpreted by Charni
(Start 3:27) Sharp rib lift up down on two sharp beats
Haggala to right (left arm straight out shoulder height) optional 1,2,3 hip end
Haggala to left (right arm straight out shoulder height) optional 1,2,3 hip end
Haggala to right circling to face back, haggala to left back around to front
Rib lift on last beat

(3:44 strong drum beat)
Right hip flick left hip flick shimmy, left right shimmy, right left shimmy, shimmy right.
Left right shimmy, right left shimmy, left right shimmy, shimmy shimmy left.

(Same pattern but slower)

Basic egyptian right leading weight going right forward. Arms to left hip, alternate feet until facing back look over left shoulder. Continue with right leading until facing front again. Shoulder shimmy to finish. Same pattern slower and quieter
Shimmy doing a downward vertical hip fig 8 right lead. Right, left right
Same on left. Left right left.

(4:17 strong fast beat)
twist right hip travel to right 3 steps, twist step 3 x left, 3 x right
Hip drop on toes arms straight up high 8 counts second 8 bend knees and straighten
Shimmy as turn to left – tummy pop
Shimmy as turn to right – rib pop

(4:36) face front. Sharp rib slide right, left down and up
tummy roll to left 2 beats shifting weight to left foot.
Hip bump right back hip, forward left, right, left Change direction to face right
Hip bump left back hip, right, left, right

(4:47) 3/4 shimmy left foot leading 5 steps to face back.
Shoulder shimmy looking over left shoulder
3/4 shimmy 5 steps left foot leading to face left side.
Shoulder shimmy to front (twist only upper body to do this)

(4:54) tummy pop 9 times. Roll in quiet rest.
Right foor leading for rocking step 8 steps to front and across right.
(5:01) shimmy 8 count to front. Move to face left side still shimmying.
Tummy roll 5 times with drum roll still shimmying hips
Raise left arm straight up. Jackhammer. Pause looking at left hand. On final beat drop left hand and bring right foot in looking at audience.

This video is of Charni performing the choreography:

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