“Secrets” Choreography

Time: 2:24mins

Video of choreography below.

This is a veil dance. I have used veil moves described in Happy Hips Belly Dance classes (although the phrases did not all orginate from there).

Time Movement Extra notes
On first beat be ready Standing in Matador right arm toward audience body facing left. Describe fig 8 back fwd back turn 180 swap matador arm so left facing audience body facing right fig 8 back fwd back Arm out at shoulder height. Always turn around belly button direction (inward circle)
0:15 Same body pattern this time right arm arc veil back fwd back turn 180 swap matadore arms left arm arc b f b
Keep the swap to out front of body as you face the back to be ready to go back first.
0:24 Matador into Sharista body facing left. 3 rib lifts r l hip flick. Turn other way sharista r l hip turn other way into sharista r l hip  turn – No Sharista Make sure arm goes behind to get the Sharista to work.
0:45 Sweep l r l turn around Sweep r l r into Burrito
While in Burrito undulate (camel) 2x slowly unwind arms while fast turning. Bring arms high up behind head. Repeat
Keep back arm high to make sweep


1:17 Throw veil fwd w hand kiss. Walk fwd 4 x walk back 4x Flip veil and catch on arms slide to neck. Snake arms w angel wings. Undo r side (1/2 angel)
1:27 Turn clockwise while inching hands closer together lift arms up over head while turning bring the middle of the veil cross on top of head (around 1:30) swap shoulders and back again.
1:38 Juggle veil 2x hip flick 3x w 3 steps clockwise to do a quarter turn repeat 3 more times until back facing front Keep arms straight out to the side knee bob on juggle
1:59 Roundabout to undo 1/2 angel. Totem pole anti clockwise harbour bridge w r arm (on music chord) veil in both hands as turn circle hip hip totem pole anti-clockwise left hand harbour bridge then both hands turn circle. As turn straighten veil sweep veil in front r to finish. Totem pole both hands around. Swap hands then.

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