Review of: Temple of Jehan – Ultimate Bellydance Fitness Workout

This DVD is divided into sections labelled Warm-Up, Strength, Sensual, Joy, Passion, Energy and Cooldown. As you can tell from the titles, the tempo and energy levels increase as you go along. The Energy section is quite challenging, and I would not recommend it for beginners. All the instructors are from New York, with a different one presenting each section. There is also an extra presentation by a fitness instructor.

Good points: a different instructor for each section gives a different persepective, and style. Some of the instructors dance in jeans with a lot more effectiveness than I would have thought!

Drawbacks: Back warning!!!!! A couple of the sections such as Warm Up, Sensual and Cool Down do forward bends with straight legs and twirl the hair around in a circle. If you have any back or neck injuries, either skip those parts or do them in a safe manner.

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