Review of Instructional Bellydance with Jillina, Level 1, 2 and 3

Bellydance Superstars 2005 (pictures avail on internet)

All three Jillina DVD’s are very usuful and instructional. They all follow the same format of a warm up, followed by some basic moves broken down, then some combinations (which can get quite tricky!) then she teaches a choreography, most of which is based on the moves and combinations that she has just taught. She then has a performance of the choreograpghy she just taught plus another in a live setting in full costume.

Good Points: she explains moves very clearly, all moves can be seen easily as she is facing a mirror in a nice setting. Her teaching costume is simple and it is easy to see what she is doing when. The “bloopers reel” make her seem very real!

Drawbacks: she likes to toss her hair about a lot which is tricky for those with neck problems, she also favours the “straight legged shimmy” which I find to be hard to maintain posture and also to keep it just in the hips (easy to jerk the whole body around while doing it). Bent knees in correct posture (see article “belly Dance Stance” (hyperlink) ensures an isolated and safe shimmy technique.

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