Review of: Cardio Bellydance Workout With Melissa

This DVD is perfect for beginners as she has a ‘movement rehearsal’ section before she gets into it, so you can properly learn a move before doing it fast paced. There is an option to play without the rehearsal once you have mastered it. Melissa puts an emphasis in engaging the core stomach muscles and has a separate pilates warm up to strengthen those tummy muscles so vital for bellydancing.

Good Points: very simple format, simple background for minimal distractions. Two warm-ups, a Pilates and other. She explains the lovely moves very well, and has a great voice over style with humour. The choreography at the end, follows the simplicity theme in costuming and uses all the moves in the DVD but in a more advanced way, which is good for motivation.

Drawbacks: during floor exercises, the camera angle is rather unfortunate and seems to focus on her generous cleavage, rather than her stomach. The simplicity could be seen as too simple, the plain lighting and blank space looks like an empty warehouse apartment. The editing sometimes seems a bit disjointed.

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