Review of: Bellydance Superstars

This is a collection of some of the top belly dance performers in the USA all together on one DVD. Many different styles are incorporated this way, from the tribal moves of Rachel Brice, the fun of Jillina, experience of Suhaila Salimpour. There are dances to live music; percussion and a violin, Isis wings, veils and a showcase of costuming! A bonus CD of a lot of the music was also included.

Good Points: a really good way to see many people’s techniques in one place. Lovely lighting and set up. Good range in ages of the dancers too.

Drawbacks: the terrible camera work!!! Sometimes the camera is focused on the face when there is obviously something going on with the hips, zooming behind pots and statues the dancer is actually obscured completely at times. I also found Sonia’s posture to be a bit distracting, I kept wanting to yell “tummy in tail under!”, which is a pity because she is a lovely dancer. The last dancer is someone called ‘Dondi’ which is a Marilyn-esque person with blond wig shimmying and pulling funny faces – it did not seem to fit in and was also not as funny as what it was obviously aiming – or maybe that’s just me!

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