Review of: Bellydance for Weight Loss – Cardio Shimmy featuring Rania

This DVD is a very high energy set of combinations joined into a routine. There is a main set of combinations and in between she does a different set of challenging combinations, but always going back to the main set.

Good Points: very good part of a weight loss program, as this is HIGH ENERGY! Lots of shimmies on demi pointe (on your toes), lunges and other challenging moves. If you want to increase your fitness, this is a good way to do it! Good lighting and sound plus a couple of choreographies at the end round it off nicely.

Drawbacks: very strenuous and not for beginners or people with heart or blood circulation problems. Check with your doctor. Some of the moves such as a lunge I would not call belly dancing, however I have seen them used in lowering to the floor. Not a good DVD if you are wanting to increase your belly dance technique except in terms of stamina.

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