Review of: Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss – Too Hip with Rania

This DVD has some nice belly dance moves combined into a relentless energetic routine that gets the blood pumping. She adds more and more combinations to the routine to keep it challenging. Both the choreographies are fast paced with lots of hip movements in keeping with the theme of the DVD. There is also a bonus workout, which in itself quite a physical challenge. Can see how it would contribute to a weight loss programme. Two performances by Rania are included.

Good points: very nice choreographies and combinations, challenging for an advanced dancer.

Drawbacks: not suitable for a beginner as the moves are quite advanced. Back Warning!!! Some of the moves involve swinging arms around in a way which could strain an already injured back; reminders from her about keeping the tummy braced would make it safer especially as the routine goes on and participants get tired.

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