Review of: Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss – Pure Sweat featuring Rania

This is a good cardio workout mixing salsa and latin moves with belly dance moves. Ideal for beginners through to intermediate, the steps are explained and built up in layers adding to a combination culminating in a sweat making routine at the end. Two performances by Rania included, one with a cane and veil, the other a fast Turkish dance in 9/8 time.

Good Points: the salsa moves especially make it a good work out for the butt and thighs. The bonus workout shows you just exactly how Rania got those defined abs!

Drawbacks: goes straight from a cardio workout into stretches without a chance for the heart to slow down. Plus as with all her videos, one of the back-up dancers has poor posture which I personally found distracting and off putting.

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