Choreography for Shakira – Eyes Like Yours

This is a great song for beginners to do as it incorporates all the introductory moves and is to music with repetitive parts, so easy to remember what to do.

Introduction – hip flicks when tune s introduced go to double hip flicks

When singing starts – Verse
7 x rib lift then shoulder shimmy
7 x rib slide with fast slide to finish

Male voices sing “Ah hey Ah Ah hey”
Slow clockwise hip circle with slight bounce. When Shakira sings optional wrist circles.
Little shimmy as change position to get ready for chorus

8 x Basic hip lift with right leg in front and left leg supporting
8 x Basic hip lift with left leg in front and right leg supporting
4 alternate hip lift walk forward (with temple touch)
4 alternate hip lift walk back (with temple touch)

Snake arms

Verse repeat

“Ah Hey” hip circle repeat


8 x Snake arms
Continue snake arms add vertical hip figure 8 until music changes


Improvise on last note. Suggest hip figure 8 with final pose.

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