Choreography for Raks Jamal – Snake Arms Dance

(choreographer unknown, interpreted by Charni)
Start in nice pose weight on left leg.
Right arm starts snake arm, left arm, right then left joins in faster faster higher higher until right above head. Then wrist circles to bring arms back to sides.

Quarter turn to left slight undulations while waiting for music cue.

Step right foot first, weight on ball of left step right tap with left. Repeat on left. Again with right then left. Swizzle 180 degrees to face other direction. Repeat.

(While stepping undulate upper body in time with steps. Arm facing audience rises up with wrist circles for two steps then lowers for next two.)

Take three steps to back where started making big sweeping gesture with arms at same time.

Hips figure 8 right hip first 8x. Listen for music cue to make quarter turn to the left.

Rounded rib lift 3x into tummy shimmy.

Three steps back, right leg back first with arms straight out just below shoulder height doing a rib lift with each step. Arms swing up cross hands over, lower to chest height into right hip figure 8 arms go into snake arms. 4 sets of r,l, r,lr lr lrl

Tap left foot next to right to go into 1 1/2 hip circles left first moving slightly forward each time. 6x

Three steps back again.

Shimmy slowly speed it up faster and faster to stop on final beat and pose.

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