Choreography for “Blue” by Angie Hart

This is a slow soulful song requiring internal feelings and moody glances. The only time you can look at audience and engage is during guitar riff.

Walk on stage in veil envelope held high

Opening chord

stay still

1st line verse

slowly walk. Stop and slowly sway from side to side during “where were you”

2nd line verse

turning slowly in a circle lower veil, open veil on “where were you”


1st line chorus

snake arms with veil

2nd line chorus

side lean veil out r,l raise arms up tummy undulation


1st line verse

upper body moves: fig 8 4x then circle left circle right

2nd line verse

upward fig 8 end with little shimmy


1st line chorus

3x camel r 3x camel l

2nd line chorus

big hip circles r,l end w veil flip front- veil lying across arms


First “Alone”

veil to neck

Second “Alone”

wind veil on arms

Alone into guitar solo

4x basic arabic – 2 r, 2 l (w shimmy) 4 x double jewel r,l,r,l


1st line chorus

6x queen tut left extra hip and lower arm last two beats

2nd line chorus

pull out veil while turning extra turn w veil covering front, roundabout veil to get it behind. Bring hands up behind head

last “Alone”

drop arms and look down

“double jewel” is a jewel with an extra hip circle between
“queen tut” is a side step with outer hip upward half fig 8. Arm is raised in direction going.

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