Choreography for Armenian Dance

(choreographer unknown, interpreted by Charni)
Stand in nice pose weight on left leg wait for cue.
Right arm 2x out to side, right arm up down flip hand over about chest height bring hand down,

Same with left arm.

Lean to right arm right out. Lean to front arm right out. Step to right 3x with right hip lift on each step. Right hand makes flicking motion on each step.

Same on left.

Camel step 4x right leg first.

Undulations 8x

Hip circle clockwise. Half hip circle to the right and to the left. Hip circle anti-clockwise, half hip circle left and to the right.

Arms come behind body and stretch up to above head. Palms face front bring hands down in front flip hands over about chest height.

Repeat. Turn to partner.

Same as above with partner. Partners can do moves mirror image, opposite or get creative!

On second arms movement face front and pose to finish

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