Choreography for Amaya’s Veil

CharniRedVeilFirst section is improvisation with the veil.

Turn to left with veil above head in a ‘Y’. Step right leg first, left, right, tap left. Step left, right, left, tap right. Repeat right repeat left. Turn face audience.

Lunge with left leg bent and right leg out to the side. Sweep veil on right side. Lunge other way, the swap again.

Turn anti-clockwise. Then 4 steps forward, 4 back.

Lunge sequence again.

Turn anti-clockwise. Do roundabout with veil into Kick and release with left arm straight up right hand on hip (elbow in veil). Right hip up on every second down release the foot so it swings out a little in front. 8x.

“Butterfly Arms”: Come in and swing out giving a “wing” impression with veil. When arms in ball change with feet, on out swap between leaning weight on right and left legs. 8x.

“Ducks”: Hold veil on right hip with it out to left side. Step right with forward hip swings (looking right). Flap veil (looking left). 4x to left. Swing veil behind so left hand in just behind hip with veil out to the right. Repeat. 4x.

“Harbour Bridge”: Grab veil in right hand, swinging arm in an arc towards the front right hand corner 2x then front left hand corner 2x.

Turn clockwise once shoulder shimmy. Anti clockwise veil shake, clockwise shoulder shimmy anti clockwise veil shake.

“Dramatic Gesture”: Hold veil in right hand hold above head and walk in a circle. 2x.

Harbour Bridge. Dramatic gesture. On second walk in circle get veil ready for second lot of:
Walks to left.
Lunge sequence
Turn anti-clockwise. Then 4 steps forward, 4 back.
Lunge sequence
Turn anti-clockwise straight into:
Lunge sequence

Turn anti-clockwise stop with right leg out. Veil out over leg.
Turn clockwise left leg out left veil arm in.
Left leg across toe pointed. Veil out to side.
Left leg back out to side. Veil in.

Turn anti-clockwise. Veil to left hip. While turning slowly bring right arm up and across to finish with face framed by right arm and veil. (Keep elbow back)

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