A List of Basic Belly Dance Moves

Here is a general list of beginners moves learnt in belly dance. It is by no means complete, it is a guide only. The moves are separated into the parts of the body and travelling steps.

Basic Stance

See basic stance article for full description


Basic Hip Lift (one foot slightly in front heel raised)
Basic Hip Lifts with Reverberation
Basic Hip Lift Patterns
Hip Flicks (hip lifts with feet parallel and flat on the floor)
Double Hip Flicks
Hip Shimmy
Basic Choo-Choo Shimmy
Full Body Shimmy
Hip Drops
Basic Hip Circle
Hip Figure 8 (vertical, horizontal)

Upper Body

Snake Arms
Wrist Circles
Wrist Ripples
Shoulder Shimmy
Ribcage Slide
Ribcage Lift
Ribcage Circles (Horizontal, vertical)
Ribcage Figure 8
Belly Roll and Flutter

Travelling Steps

Basic Egyptian Walk
Basic Egyptian Pivot Turn
Walking with Alternate Hip Lifts
Walking with the Shimmy (Flat-footed, on toes)
Camel Walk (or Undulations)
Travelling Hip Circle
3/4 Shimmy
King Tut

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